A downloadable game for Windows

A game about swinging and wallrunning.

Any feedback is appreciated, let me know if something is outright broken.

Tutorial is built in, so please try that first, but if you think you've missed something , here are the controls:


Space - jump, twice to double jump or airdash

F - grapple

RMB - swing (you have to aim)

LMB - punch

C while running - Slide

Caps Lock - Lock-on

Install instructions

Unpack and run the exe, as simple as that.


Khryse.zip 84 MB


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I've played spider-man games and the like but this swinging here feels off. You can't correctly propel yourself forward and building speed feels awkward. Combat is for a lack of a better word, lacking. Wallrunning is also odd, most of the time I tend to be forced to run sideways instead of upward when directly swinging into a wall, camera facing it. Took me a while to understand the grapple cooldown was tied to the green orb strapped to your back. Sliding feels good although the speed lines obstruct most of the screen and with near to no character feedback even figuring out if you're turning is hard, perhaps make them fewer and sharper? Other than that, no bugs on my side as of yet, good luck on improving these issues.